Ariel also offers a variety of in-person and web-based coaching services for clients interested in self improvement, wellness, performance enhancement, and parenting.


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Self-Care Is How You Take Your POWER Back.


“Identifying what you need to feel your best and practicing it daily is the ultimate goal in living well. Self Care isn’t just treating yourself to something fun or luxurious. It is to show up for yourself in every way, even if it means saying no to something.”

Ariel Cahn-Flores



In psychotherapy/counseling you explore your thoughts, feelings, strengthen relationships, identify patterns/triggers, and understand the root of your emotional pain, so you can make the changes in your life that will bring you peace and greater levels of satisfaction. Within therapy sessions you will work to heal and restore. You will learn how the body and mind are connected and that emotional stress can be hidden in body symptoms, and expressed physically. I am on the journey with you, as we navigate these situations and transitions to help improve your functioning, develop more emotional flexibility, self love and self learning, and live life with more meaning.

 I am trained in evidence based counseling methods and theoretical frameworks including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), EMDR, Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems (IFS),  Mindfulness-based Eating Awareness training and more.  I hold a Perinatal Mental Health Certification (PMH-C) through Postpartum Support International.

My office is located in White River Junction, Vermont. For clients who can not make it to my office in person, I also offer online counseling and psychotherapy for adult Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine residents. In our first sessions, we will explore your needs around therapy and I can share how I think my training and approach might be helpful for your situation. 




Grief & Loss


Adolescent / Teen Issues


Eating Disorder Recovery


Performance Anxiety/Stage Fright/Testing Anxiety




Substance Abuse


Women’s Issues


Impulse Control Issues


Life Transition (marriage, divorce, growing families, empty nest, starting college)


Self - Esteem




School Issues


Imposter Syndrome


Postpartum and Perinatal emotional issues


Stress Reduction


Parent-Child Issues


Relationship Problems


LGBTQ Friendly


Illness or chronic health condition



I offer a variety of coaching services for clients interested in self improvement, wellness, performance enhancement, and parenting.  Coaching is a collaborative and transformative process focused on a particular outcome and for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. Coaching is different from counseling/psychotherapy, as the focus is on reaching identified goals, such as enhanced performance, personal and professional satisfaction, rather than working on healing or emotional growth.  We will establish meaningful priorities, set specific measurable goals, develop an individualized action plan, and help you move forward to success. Along the way, we will identify and work through the barriers that may arise and help you move forward. Supporting you in your goals with non judgement and compassion, I will help keep you accountable, as you take action and create change in your life.

Please note, that while I can offer psychotherapy/counseling for Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts residents as a licensed clinician, I will refer out to another mental health professional for my coaching clients that need additional mental health support.  Coaching is not psychotherapy and is not covered by insurance. Our initial consultation will be an opportunity to determine whether coaching or therapy is right for you.

Performance and Creative

Individualized plan for Creative project goals, improving performance in music/dance/sports, increasing confidence and reducing distress/anxiety in performance situations:

  • Creative/self expression
  • Performance Enhancement

Personal Change and Wellness

Individualized plan to address any combination of the following challenges: Manage stress, life balance,  seeking a new job, self care, relationship with food and body, time management and organization: 

  • Goal Setting
  • LIfestyle Development & balance
  • Career Changes/Transition
  • Self-Exploration & Personal Growth
  • Body positivity & confidence

Parent Coaching

Individualized parenting plan:

  • Understand child’s behavior
  • Learn ways to manage and respond to undesirable behavior
  • Encourage positive interactions
  • Foster a positive relationship with your children
  • Address sibling issues
Social Media Support

Chronicle Wellness

Chronicle Wellness Group on facebook is a closed supportive group for women experiencing health challenges. This is not a therapy group, and no medical advice given. The group focus is on everyday wellness and positivity to help you feel your best self. Ariel is active on the group with support, inspirational content and links to resources.

Mindful Menders

Mindful Menders is a unique supportive closed facebook group devoted to crafting and mindfulness! Learn tips on finding balance and making things and how crafting can be a great supportive and social activity, and good for your brain and well being! Ariel is active on the group with her own projects and mindful approaches.